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Seaside Serenity

Seaside Serenity

The coastal cottage soap with bergamot, sea salt, peony, mint, juniper, light musk, and marine notes offers a delightful blend of invigorating and calming scents. Imagine the crisp aroma of sea salt mingling with the bright citrusy notes of bergamot, complemented by the delicate sweetness of peony and the refreshing coolness of mint. The essence of juniper adds a hint of earthiness, while the light musk undertone adds depth and warmth. Overall, it captures the essence of a coastal escape, transporting you to a tranquil seaside retreat with every use.



(Common Name): Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil

Top: Bergamot, Sea Salt

Middle: Peony, Mint

Base: Juniper, Light Musk, Marine

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    4 oz

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